The late Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh said in the last video, “Tiger Avi Zinda Hai”.

Bengali Hunt Desk: Samajwadi Party leader and Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh breathed his last. He has been receiving medical treatment in Singapore for the past few months. News of her passing in March went viral. He then said in a video, “Tiger Avi Zinda Hai.”

Releasing the video, Amar Singh said in his traditional guess, ‘I am Amar Singh from Singapore. I am sick, afflicted but not afraid. There is still a lot of courage, a lot of strength শক্তি and a lot of knowledge. My well-wishers and friends have spread the rumor that I am no more, Yamraj has taken me. But it is not true, I am undergoing treatment. ” He further said, ‘If mother Bhagwati wishes, I will get well soon and return home. As I am, I am fine. ”

“My allies are wishing for my death, but it will not be fulfilled so easily,” Amar Singh said. Death will knock on my door, nothing will happen to me easily. Once I fell off the plane, Yamraj did not take me. I had a kidney transplant 10 years ago, but I came back. For 12 to 13 days I have been fighting to the death on the ventilator in the Middle East.

He said, I am much better this time than before. I'm fine. I'm aware. Millions of thanks to all the good thinkers who are spreading rumors of my death.


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