The last rites of the Hindu brother were performed by the Muslim sister, who performed the mukhagni herself

Bangla Hunt Desk: A Muslim girl from Assam completed the funeral of her Hindu brother and broke the wall of religion, setting a humane example of brother-sister relationship. This case is from Shivsagar district. Muskan Begum, a resident there, respected her Hindu brother more than blood relations. And in the sudden death of his brother, Muskan not only arranged for the funeral, he himself confronted his brother.

The Hindu brother died suddenly. No relatives were present at the last minute to complete the funeral of the young man. At that time Muskan Begum and her family came forward and took the body of Hindu Bhai to the cremation ground. Muskan performed his brother's funeral there according to Hindu religion. This incident in Assam has become a great example of communal harmony in the country. After this incident, those who question the Hindu-Muslim brotherhood in the country have been slapped on the cheek.

However, Muskan Begum made it clear that she would not say anything in front of the media. “All I did was do my duty as a sister,” she said. I have the responsibility of being a sister. And there is nothing to say in front of the media.

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