The information given in the PAN card is wrong! Fix it in this way or you can read in the face of big financial loss

Pan card is a very important document for every Indian at the moment. Just like if you don't have a PAN card, you can run into various problems, just like if the information in the PAN card is wrong, you can get into big trouble. It can even cause you huge financial losses. Find out how to correct a PAN card error

The first thing to do is to correct the PAN card information Go to the website. After that you will find the service section option on the home page, you have to click on the pane.

This will open a new page, with the option to modify / modify the PAN data. After that click on Change or Correction in existing PAN data / Reprint of PAN Card (No Change in existing PAN Data option).

Then choose the right option for your problem. You can easily change your name, date of birth, email id from here. Then you submit it.

Your request will be accepted upon submission. And now the PAN application form will come to you. Here you have to submit e-KYC and scanned photos. After that you will be asked to know the names of your parents, your Aadhaar number etc.

Then upload the ID and proof of age documents. Deposit certain amount. You can pay through debit and credit cards. Then after taking all your ID proof paper, submit it to NSDL e-Governorate office. All errors on your PAN card will be corrected.