The Indian Army set a world record with a life in hand

The Indian Army does not shy away from accepting death to ensure the safety of every citizen of the country. The victory and self-sacrifice of this force on the battlefield is the pride of every Indian. Not only on the battlefield, but also on the record chest, the Indian Army has broken one record after another. Once again, the heroic jawans set a world record with their lives in their hands.

The Indian Army's 'Tornado' has set a world record for the longest journey through a fire tunnel in Bangalore. Rider Captain Shivam Singh set out with a 128-meter fire tunnel to set the record. In the end he managed to reach his goal.

Although Captain Singh suffered minor burns. The bike he was riding was completely burned and destroyed. Soon after Shivam Singh was rescued, he was taken to the hospital by an army ambulance.

The record for the longest journey on a fire tunnel so far was held in 2014 in Paris jointly by Enrico Schumann and Andre de Kock of South Africa. This time the Indian Army wrote it in its own name.

This team of Indian soldiers named Tornado owns several world and national records. Earlier, a new world record was set when 56 men rode a 500 cc Royal Enfield motorcycle at a distance of 1,200 meters as part of an exhibition at Air Force Station Yelhanka. The team was led by Major Bani Sharma and the motorcycle was led by Subedar Rampal Yadav.