The elephant was annoying the young man should teach the elephant, the video went viral on social media

viral video: Many of the videos that go viral every day are about animals and birds. Every day a video of one or another animal goes viral for various activities. The most viral of these is the elephant video. This calm-tempered creature does not attack easily. So many people upload videos having fun with him.

But people often forget that quiet elephants are one of the most powerful animals. A young man wearing a blue T-shirt was constantly harassing the elephant. At first he didn't say anything but at one point the elephant got angry with the young man and came running. At some point, with the help of another young man (white T-shirt), the young man escaped.

Indian Forest Officer (IFS) veteran Kaswan shared the video, all credit goes to Elephant. Imagine its power, they are very quiet, first people annoy them and when they attack, then they are blamed. What this man has done will take a few seconds for the elephant to kill him. Never do this with wildlife

This video of Praveen has gone viral on social media right now. About 50,000 netizens have watched this video. Renowned Bollywood star Randeep Hooda also shared this video. The comment box is full of condemnation. Each of the netizens has been vocal in its strong condemnation of the man.