The elephant jokingly threw his friend in the water, laughed at the extreme viral video and killed Netpara

BanglaHunt Desk: We do a lot of things while having fun with friends. Elephants are no exception. A video that went viral recently shows two elephants pushing each other into the water while playing. This video of a few seconds has gone viral on the net.

The current era is the era of social media. Residents of the net neighborhood share any picture or video captured on a smart phone with the rest of the world. And because of that viral video, anyone becomes a star or a villain overnight. Again, just like some videos and pictures make Netpara think, many posts make the mind feel good even in bad times.

The video was shared by Sushant Nanda, an employee of the forest department. In the caption, he writes, there is no pair of elephant cubs in mischief In the video, it is seen that suddenly he came from behind with one hand and threw his partner in the water of the canal, which made Netpara laugh.

Such a video of mischief has gone viral before. It is seen that an orangutan goes to scare a friend with a sack wrapped like a human child. Sometimes he stands still and pulls his legs. When the friend came forward again, it was a 'statue'. Then when the friend realizes that the sack is actually their partner, then they hug and loot together. Netpara laughed when he saw this naughtiness of the orangutan.

35,000 netizens have already watched this video. Netizens are reminded of the mischief of their home children by watching the video of this orangutan in Netpara. It is known that this video was posted by a private company in 2020. This orangutan is once again at the center of discussion since Sushant Nanda's post.


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