The crocodile won the race with the speed boat, a viral video on social media

Bangla Hunt Desk: On social media, videos of animals and creatures go viral almost every day. I will show you such a viral video today. This video is of a crocodile. We are frightened when we hear the name of the crocodile, and remember the crocodile's dangerous teeth. But this time I am going to show you the form of racer crocodile instead of the traditional form of crocodile.

A user named Gators Daily shared this video on Twitter. This video of only 13 seconds has taken social media by storm. The video shows a crocodile racing with a speed boat. Not just racing, the crocodile is going to win. Netizens are liking this video very much on social media.

Let me tell you, according to research, crocodiles can move or swim faster in the water than on land. The speed of the crocodile in the water can be up to 15 km per hour.


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