The chemical theory behind the plant could kill the corona virus, Indian researchers claim

Bangla Hunt Desk: It's been 9 months since the corona virus set foot in the world. But in the last nine months, no vaccine has been developed to fight this dangerous virus. Although the whole world is working day and night to create a vaccine for this deadly virus. Two Indian universities are now researching corona, which has been found to contain a chemical in a tree that can kill the virus. This research is being done by two professors from Guru Gobind Singh University (GGSIPU) and Punjab University (PU).

According to Ashok Kumar, chairperson of PU's Center for Biology Systems, and Suresh Kumar, doctor at GGSIPU, the plant contains about 50 phytochemicals that can kill the virus. Phytochemicals are plant species that are present in plant roots, stalks, leaves, fruits, vegetables, and other parts of plants. These chemical theories can be extracted from chemical processes. Studies have shown that phytochemicals protect us from many types of viruses and bacteria.

According to Dr. Suresh, studies have shown that chemical theories attack corona proteins and kill them. If the corona protein is inactive in processing any other component, the risk of infection is automatically reduced. Although this test has only been performed on computers. The next day its testing will be on humans and wildlife. Then it will be known how successful this process will be. The study on Corona was also published in the International Journal of Phytomedicine on September 3.

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