The central government will build corridors in 16 of the 200 places identified during the banishment period of Lord Ram

The city of Ayodhya is getting ready for the festival of Lord Rama. The whole country is looking forward to the land worship ceremony of Ram temple on 5th August. Waiting for that Mahendrakshan. Last time, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath went to Ayodhya to see all the preparations damaged.

Lord Rama, Sita's mother and brother Lakshman spent 14 long years in the forest as described in the Ramayana. During that time they roamed in different parts of Ayodhya. Historians have discovered more than 200 sites from that period. The central government is willing to build corridors in 16 places selected from those places.

Tamsa river– Lord Rama crossed the river by boat at this place located 20 km away from Ayodhya.

Sringberpur– Lord Rama asked Kebat to cross the Ganges at this place located 20-22 km away from Prayagraj. The present name of this place is Singaur.

Kurai– Lord Sriram crossed the Ganges from Singaur and reached Kurai.

Prayag– Then go from Kurai to Prayag.

In Chitrakuta– Crossing Prayag, Mandakini reached Chitrakuta on the banks of the river.

Satna– Go here on the way and spend some time in the ashram of Atri Rishi.

Punishment– Shri Ram reached Dandakaranya after visiting Chitrakoot.

Panchavati Nasik – Sriram, Sita's mother and brother Lakshan visited the ashram of Agasta Muni after traveling to Dandakaranya. This is the place where Surpanakha cut his nose. Since then the name of this place is Nasik.

Sarvatirtha- It was in this region that Dashanan Ravana abducted mother Sita in the guise of a saint. On the way, old Jatayu also cut off his wings.

Pornography– This area of ​​Bhadrachalam in Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh is located about an hour away from Ramalay.

Tungabhadra– After Ravana abducted mother Sita, Sri Rama searched for her in many places in the Tungabhadra and Kaberi river areas.

Sabari Ashram– Sriram went to Sabari Ashram near Pampa river to look for mother Sita.

Rishyamukh mountain– Ramchandra crossed the Malay Mountains and the Sandalwood Forest and reached the Rishyamukh Mountains. There he also killed King Bali.

Kodikarai– Ram's monkey army started its journey towards Rameshwar from this place.

Rameshwaram– This is the place where Sri Ramachandra worshiped Shiva before entering Lanka. The Shivling of this place is known as Rameshwar Jyotirlinga.

Ram Bridge– Sriram Bahini built a floating bridge in the middle of the sea to rescue mother Sita. This Ramsetu is also called Adams Bridge in English.

Nuwara Eliya Mountains– Ravana Cave, Ashoka Vatika Forest, Vibhishan Mahal etc. were located on this mountain in Sri Lanka. Ravana's palace was 90 km away from this mountain.



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