The cat is lost, if you can find 15 thousand rupees reward!

The cat is missing from the station. The restless Malkin cried in her grief and could not find her even after trying a lot. He gave a poster saying that if he can find his favorite cat, he will be given a reward of 15 thousand rupees. Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh) is full of that 'I want to find' poster.

He also described his favorite pet in the poster. The green eyes of that two-year-old cat gave him indescribable joy, he wrote in the poster. Those green eyes have brown spots. If you can find a cat with such characteristics, you will get a reward.

However, he did not lodge any missing person complaint with the police. However, Malkin took the help of GRP of Gorakhpur station to find the cat. He also gave posters in the station premises and in the whole city. The poster has also gone viral on social media.

It is learned that the cat went missing from Gorakhpur station in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday night. He was waiting for the train with Malkin. Suddenly he noticed that the pet was no more. The GRP speculated that he fled the scene, probably at the sound of a moving train. Initially, Malkin announced a reward of Tk 11,000 for returning the pet, but later increased it to Tk 15,000.

Coming up very naturally, who is the owner of this cat who has announced so many rewards for finding a pet? Let me inform you that he is well respected in the diplomatic circles, his name is Ila Sharma. Former Election Commissioner of Nepal. Her husband was also the Chief Election Commissioner. Needless to say, the police will be active in finding such high profile cats.