The car is running alone without a driver! Netizens can't believe their eyes after watching viral videos

viral video: Modern cars have come a long way. Many companies are already trying to make driverless cars on an experimental basis. No one has succeeded in that way yet. But a viral video showed a driverless car driving on the highway. Not abroad, but on Indian soil. Netizens can't believe their eyes. Ghost or science? This is the beginning of Jor Tarja.

The viral video is said to be from Chennai. An old man is sitting in the car. He can be seen sitting in the front seat quite calmly. The car is also speeding past the surrounding cars on the highway. Let me tell you, the car is not modern. Fiat's old 'Epadmini' model car.

The video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. Discussions have already started in Netpara surrounding this car. However, many people in Netpara think that it is a special type of car used by such companies that teach driving. In this type of vehicle the steering wheel is in the hands of the driver but the brakes, clutch and other controls are also in the hands of the person sitting next to him. So that no big accident happens while teaching.

Although some people say that the person in the video is actually a businessman from Vellore. Drive like this for 30 long years. However, at the moment, there is a heated discussion about this car on Netdunia. Likes, comments, shares are increasing every moment. Take a look at the video of this car that went viral on social media

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