The car flew to match the wings on the road! The video of the new discovery of science is viral

viral video: In addition to many other videos, there are also occasional viral discoveries in science on the net. These discoveries are so startling that they become a topic of discussion in the net world. Recently, such a commotion has been created around a flying car.

The number of cars in the world at the moment is not low. The number of vehicles in the busiest cities has increased so much that traffic jams are a daily occurrence there. Creating different bypasses is not going to solve that problem. In this situation, many people are trying to discover a car that can fly. Although not very successful, several have already passed the first step. The video of one of them flying is viral.

The car in the viral video was made by a Slovak professor. As can be seen at the beginning of the video, like the other five ordinary cars, this car is also moving with the help of wheels. As he walked, he suddenly started fluttering his wings. After a while it can be seen that it is circling in the sky After hovering in the sky for some time, the car landed safely on the ground.

After posting this video on social media, it went viral. Never before has a car been able to fly so smoothly. Residents of Net Para are all praising the innovative power of the driver of the car. Likes, comments, shares are increasing by leaps and bounds. Check out this hilarious viral video