The breasts are just swollen, the lower part is just wrapped in clothes, the video of viral silk in a dazzling hot avatar!

BanglaHunt Desk: Thanks to the popular reality show Bigg Boss, Reshmi Desai is now a well-known name in the Bollywood industry. He used to work in television series. But Bigg Boss has elevated him to the pinnacle of popularity. The number of Reshmi's followers is also increasing on social media.

Recently, a new reel video of the actress has become very popular on Netdunia. In this video, he has captured the final hot avatar. Silk wearing white Thai high split long skirt. But the uncovered limbs are just swollen. He has covered his chest with a bunch of sunflowers.

He has captured such a dazzling incarnation on camera. He was seen taking pictures with one lascivious pose after another. The song 'Garmi' is playing in the background. In fact, this hot photoshoot video of Reshmi seems to have increased the warmth several times.

Evidence that the actress is also quite skilled in dance has been found many times. He often won the hearts of fans by sharing various pictures and videos on lockdown. She was seen dancing to the tune of popular Hindi song 'Kamaria'. Netizens were fascinated by Reshmi's extraordinary dance style.

The actress was also seen in a white crop top and orange long slit skirt. Reshmi shared the video on her Insta handle. And this video went viral as soon as it was posted. His colleagues and fans have also praised his dancing skills. Many have said that this is the song that Reshmi danced in the final episode of Bigg Boss.

Earlier, Reshmi Desai shared a dance video. She was seen dancing in a black backless dress. Reshmi was seen dancing in the remix version of the song 'Le Ya Le Ya Re'. This video of Reshmi also became very popular on social media. Another Bigg Boss contestant, Bishal Singh, also commented on the video. Comments from friends and colleagues in the silk industry were also seen in the video.

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