The BJP government may close government madrassas in Madhya Pradesh this time after the cabinet minister's proposal

Bangla Hunt Desk: After issuing orders to close government madrasas in Assam, this time politics has started in Madhya Pradesh too. Madhya Pradesh Cabinet Minister Usha Thakur has demanded an end to government grants to madrassas. “Madrassas create militants, so all government aid given to them should be stopped,” he said.

Usha Thakur

During a press conference, Madhya Pradesh Cabinet Minister Usha Tagore appealed to her government to stop pouring government money into madrassas in the state. He argued that radicals and terrorists were created in madrassas. He even drew attention to the growing terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir to prove his point.

He also said that the Waqf Board is a big body in itself, they have a lot of money so the government should stop giving grants to madrasas. “If anyone wants to help personally, our constitution allows it, but we can't let our blood money pour in there,” he said. We will use this money for development.

Let me inform you that the government of Assam has recently decided to close all government madrasas in the state. The education minister of the Assam government has said that religious education cannot be given with government money. Why only the Qur'an will be taught with government money? He has decided to close government madrassas and turn them into schools.

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