The big decision of the French government, may increase the anger of Muslims

Bangla Hunt Desk: The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, announced in a speech on October 2 that he would curb Islamic terrorism. Emmanuel Macron said he would keep a close eye on mosque funding and other religious organizations as planned. French Interior Minister Gerald Dermanin announced a new bill on Sunday to push ahead with Emanuel Macron's plan. At the same time, he says, France has begun to fight hardline Islam.

France's interior minister has mentioned a new bill to curb separatists in an interview with the media. He says anyone who refuses to seek treatment from a doctor of the opposite sex will face up to five years in prison or a fine of 75,000 euros. He said the rule would also apply to those who put pressure on government officials. Similarly, if anyone refuses to read to a female teacher, action will be taken against her.

However, accurate information about this bill has not yet come to light. But opposition to this has already started on social media. Philippe Marleier, a professor of French and European politics at University College London, said Macron's France was slowly moving towards authoritarian rule. An established journalist has also mocked the rules of fines and punishment for not treating a doctor of the opposite sex.

The French government will introduce a bill in December to prevent separatism, further strengthening the 1905 law that separates the church and government. In his speech, Macron said that the whole world is in crisis because of Islam. After Macron's statement, the whole Muslim world was angry with him.

The French interior minister had earlier disputed a statement he had made. “I am surprised to see a separate halal meat shop in the market for a particular community,” he told a TV channel on Tuesday. He said such acts further embolden the minority community and push them towards extremism.

The minister said, “I understand halal meat shops more than necessary.” I’m not criticizing customers, it’s the seller’s fault. I know halal meat is sold in supermarkets, but why a separate shop for it? Separate shops for Muslims, separate shops for the rest কেন why are they all so different? Not only that, he also objected to the clothing made for minorities. He said such garment companies are working to create a separate identity for the minorities in the country.