The beheading of the famous teacher of Hazrat Mohammad's 'cartoon'! Kangna blasts religion again on Twitter

BanglaHunt Desk: Actress Kangana Ranaut (kangana ranawat) bombed religion and community again on Twitter. In Paris, Kangana expressed her anger on social media over the beheading of a teacher who drew a cartoon of Hazrat Mohammad.

Kangana tweeted, ‘I am amazed to see how intolerant a religion is towards criticism, completely male-centered, women, animals, nature does not respect anything. It is still the fastest growing religion and is supported by intellectuals. What? '

He further writes, ‘A teacher was beheaded for a caricature. We can only imagine what these invaders did to our people. Educated in today's digital age, they behave like monsters. So what happened to India when they were nomads? '

This is not the end. The actress tweeted a few more times with constant anger. In his words, ‘Hindus have no value in life. In the West, 50-60 million Jews still make films on genocide to prevent such incidents from happening again. How many Hindus have died in a hundred years of slavery? The number is 100 times higher than the number of Jews killed in World War II. There is no film on Hindu genocide either. '

Kangana also lashed out against Aamir Khan's' PK ', saying,' If Hindus had shown such so-called peaceful intolerance, the whole of Bollywood would have been beheaded long ago. They make insulting films about our religion and they are afraid of the purple color. '

Incidentally, earlier this month, a teacher showed a cartoon of Hazrat Mohammad while teaching secularism and freedom of speech at school. On Friday, a Chechen man beheaded the teacher with the slogan “Allahu Akbar” on a public street in Paris. The man threatened to hit her with a sharp weapon when police went to arrest him. The police shot him.

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