The bank manager rejected the loan application of the former government doctor who did not speak Hindi

Bangla Hunt Desk: A retired government doctor in Tamil Nadu was not given a loan just because he did not know Hindi. A retired doctor from Arialur district complained that the manager of Overseas Bank not only treated him rudely, but also told him not to give him a loan because he did not know Hindi. Bank authorities sat motionless after a complaint from a retired doctor.

According to the information received, the accused manager was immediately transferred to another district. Dr C Balasubramanian said he went to Overseas Bank with his engineering friends for a loan. But the bank manager treats him rudely.

The accused manager is not a resident of Tamil Nadu. The manager waits for the senior citizen for no reason and keeps him standing for 10 minutes. Balasubramaniam said the manager, after looking at all the paperwork, said it was out of his jurisdiction so it would not be possible to give a loan. Dr. Balasubramaniam then tried to persuade the manager, but the manager objected to the language. Note that Balasubramaniam was speaking in English. The accused manager asks him, do you know Hindi? When Dr. Balasubramaniam informed that he does not know Hindi. The accused manager then excused himself saying that he would not speak again.

Dr Balasubramaniam told the manager that he only knew English and Tamil. And he can explain everything to her in English. But the accused manager did not agree to listen to any of his words and rejected the loan application. Dr Balasubramaniam, who was troubled by the bank manager's behavior, said, “If someone is denied a loan for good reason, it is acceptable. But how can such discrimination be done by raising the issue of language? ” Dr said the accused bank manager is a resident of Maharashtra.