The army barracks in Ladakh will guard the mountains and the enemy, this terrible dog, training is underway

The situation in India and China on the Ladakh border is hot. In the meantime, the Indian Army will start training the Tibetan Mastiv, a formidable hunting dog like Bakharwal, to defend themselves and find the enemy.

These dogs are extremely skilled hunters. At the same time, they can move at an incredible speed in the snow-capped mountains The eyesight and sense of smell of these terribly aggressive dogs are also keen On the one hand, dogs of the Bakharwal breed can be as good a guard dog. In the same way, a Tibetan mastic can become more dangerous than a wolf In addition, since they are dogs in mountainous areas, they will not have difficulty in freezing temperatures

Army sources further believe that these dogs will be able to locate hidden mines such as those of the enemy. If the mountain collapses for any reason, they will be able to search for the soldiers trapped in the ice very quickly. Dogs have helped find soldiers trapped in the snow before. Apart from Bakharwal, Tibetan Mastiff, German Shepherd, Bimachali Hound, Rajapalayam, Kanni, Chippiparai national dogs are also being trained.

By the way, India has learned from the past At any time, the Red Army can break all the rules and attack the army bases. So the Indian Army wants to be alert at all times Dogs are much more skilled than humans. On the other hand, there is no animal more trustworthy than a dog to attack the position and need of the Chinese army lying in ambush in the mountain valley. So this time the breed of these terrible dogs is being added to the army.

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