The American singer sang Narayan's praises in Indian attire; The video is viral at the moment

viral video: American musician Mary Milben's devotional hymn Om Joy Jagadish Hare has gone viral on the internet before Diwali. In a post on Twitter, Mary Milben shared a YouTube clip of her song and said that the hymn is very close to her heart.

Wearing orange and gold lehenga choli and jewelery, Mary Milben sang Om Joy Jagadish Hare in a beautiful place in New York in praise of Lord Narayan. In his post, he wrote, “Diwali 2020! ‘Om Joy Jagadish Hare’, a beautiful Hindi hymn that is usually sung on Diwali to Indian families around the world, is a song of worship and celebration of Indian culture, ”says Mary Milben in the caption of her post.

The video went viral after it was posted on YouTube. More than 43,000 netizens have already watched the video of this great song. Everyone is five-faced in his praise. Apart from singing, this foreigner's respect for Indian culture has also won the hearts of Netpara.

A few days ago, another American singer was the victim of tumultuous criticism. Ten hands like Goddess Durga, but shoes in hand! Popular US rapper Cardi B has faced the wrath of the net world by doing such a photoshoot. As soon as the picture was posted, netizens became vocal in accusing him of insulting Hinduism. One offensive comment after another came against him. In the end he has to apologize.