The 23-year-old engineer turned his head and made Dharmasadhana his way of life

BanglaHunt Desk: Many of us spend our lives behind name, fame, fame and money. Everyone wants an expensive car, a house or a lot of money. But there are some people who do not value money The pursuit of God is their path. They can give up everything in life in the pursuit of God. Such is the story of Simran too. Even after becoming an engineer, he has chosen the path of Dharmasadhana.

Simran grew up in a rich family. There was all kinds of luxury and comfort in his life. He himself is an engineer. But at the age of 23 he decided to give up everything and pursue religion. Simran has now become a Jain monk, who teaches people about Jainism.

Simran is very well dressed at first before he is initiated into Jainism but gradually Simran gives up all these ornaments. Even removes all the good things of earthly life. He also shaved his head, after which he became a Jain monk in a white robe. Whose only job is to spread and propagate knowledge about religion among the people.

Not only Simran, every year there are dozens of young Jain children and girls in the country who take initiation into Jainism apart from family happiness etc. and leave their families completely and get engaged in religious work. They eat ordinary food and wear only white clothes. He lived until his last breath.

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