That is patriotism! The wife of the Prime Minister of Armenia is entering the war against the enemy

BanglaHunt Desk: Armenia has proved what patriotism is, by supporting the country's armies in wartime situations. For the past several days, fierce fighting has been going on between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Hundreds of soldiers have also been killed in the fighting. In the face of World War III conditions.

The Prime Minister's wife took to the field

In the tense situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Anna Vachiki Hakobyan, the wife of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinya, is on the battlefield to save Nagargo and Karabakh. This time the wife of the Prime Minister is taking army training to save the country from the hands of the enemy.

Anna Hakobayan was praised

Anna Hakobayan has joined the army training since October 28. Anna is also going to join the women's team that is engaged in guarding the jail. Recently, a picture of Anna Hakobayan rifle training went viral on social media. The Prime Minister's wife has been praised by all. The role of the Prime Minister's wife in the security of the country has been praised.

Other officers beside the army

Not only the wife of the Prime Minister of the country, other officials of the country have also come down to this battlefield. Despite the fact that a peace agreement was reached between the two countries on the advice of US President Donald Trump, the conflict between the two countries has once again escalated.

Turkey in both crises

Turkey and Pakistan, on the other hand, continue to support Azerbaijan. That is why Russia has warned Turkey and other countries not to fuel the war situation. However, Turkey is making a big mistake by supporting Azerbaijan. At the same time, Russia, America and even Greece are paving the way for hostility.

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