Thanking the people of Bihar, Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah tweeted a big message about racism

BanglaHunt Desk: L NDA in power in Bihar. Before the victory, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah tweeted to the people of Bihar assuring them of victory. As soon as the wind of victory was blowing in favor of BJP, Prime Minister Modi congratulated the people of Bihar in advance.

After nearly 14-and-a-half hours of hard-fought fighting, the NDA won the Bihar seat by a majority vote. Tensions were high in every Bihar after the counting of votes started at 8 am on Tuesday. Sometimes the grand alliance and sometimes the NDA.

Finally, the smile of victory in Bihar burst into the face of the NDA. After predicting victory in advance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a tweet, “With the blessings of the people of Bihar, we have won once again. Thank you to all the members of the NDA for their tireless work. I congratulate all the members and express my heartfelt gratitude to the people of Bihar. '

Before the victory, Amit Shah greeted the people of Bihar in advance and wrote in a tweet, ‘Every Bihar resident has gone beyond caste politics and judged. Everyone has welcomed the NDA's development politics. This victory is the victory of hope and aspiration of every Bihar resident. The triumph of development. The victory of the leadership of Prime Minister Modi and Nitish Kumar. I congratulate every BJP member in Bihar very much.

By the way, when it was about 3 o'clock at night, the last smile appeared on the face of NDA. The NDA led by Narendra Modi entered the magic figure with 122 seats. The remaining 3 seats also went to the BJP. The NDA won 125 seats. On the other hand, the grand alliance stopped in 110 seats.