Tensions erupt over pole worship at Delhi's Chittaranjan Park Kalibari

Bangla Hunt Desk: Tensions erupted in Delhi's Chittaranjan Park in Kalibari over the pole puja. Asitav Bhowmik hit Pradeep Ganguly, the joint secretary of the organization, without provocation. When the two started arguing over this, it escalated into a scuffle.

Kalibari is one of the main attractions of the Chittaranjan Park area known as the Mini Bengal of Delhi. The Durga Pujo was started by the committee in compliance with all the rules and regulations related to corona. There was a discussion on Friday about not allowing more than 100 people to enter as per the government rules.

At this time, when Asitav Bhowmik suddenly took the initiative to worship the pole, the joint secretary Pradeep Ganguly stopped him on behalf of the committee. Pradeep Ganguly, an artist by profession, is a very gentleman and a cultural person who is very popular in the Chittaranjan Park area. Everyone present raised their hands against this cold-headed old man and protested against this act of Asitav Bhowmik. Then there was a serious unrest between the two sides which led to clashes. Both sides have approached the police station. Police said that necessary action will be taken after checking the CCTV footage of the temple.

Allegedly, Asitav Bhowmik has been involved in quarrels with various temple employees many times before and has even raised his hand. The temple committee has alleged that the president of the temple committee had started a riot centered on Durga Puja in the temple after he returned from outside two days ago.


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