Tennis balls were loaded with drugs and sent to jail.

Sushant Singh Rajput's death has been rumored to be rampant in several places in Maharashtra, including Mumbai. After that the police and NCB went down to recover the drugs. More than one drug dealer was arrested across the state But this time, the jail authorities were shocked to know how the drug smuggling incident came to light from the tip of the police's nose.

Children play cricket with a tennis ball on the playground next to the jail. From there, a couple of times flew over the top of the prison wall and fell inside the prison. The jail authorities never got any smell of mystery in this very normal incident. But behind this, a fancy strategy of drug trafficking was going on in the Colomba jail in Kolapur, Maharashtra, which will defeat the Bollywood script as well.

There was a twist inside these seemingly innocent balls that flew. Not Hollywood or Bollywood stories, in fact these balls were full of drugs. The traffickers would take the bat from the children and send the ball inside the jail. Vaibhav Kothari, Sandesh Deshmukh and Amit Paygure have already been arrested in the case. Cannabis and tennis balls were recovered from the victims. Police have started searching for others involved.

Incidentally, Sushant Singh came up to investigate the death of Rajput and came up with Bollywood drug addiction. A few days ago, the NCB recovered drugs from the house of famous film producer Feroz Nadiaola in Balipara. It is learned that on Saturday, NCB officers raided various places in West Mumbai and Nabi Mumbai. Officers can find out about Feroze by interrogating various drug dealers arrested from there.