Taking away Corona's fears, Tiyasa started worshiping from the third, viral picture

Banglahunt Desk: Pujo started from the third ‘Krishnakali’ actress Tiyasha Roy (tiyasha roy). Although the High Court has declared every Pujo Pandel a containment zone, there is no sign of declining enthusiasm among Bengalis. Bengalis are ready to enjoy pujo this year at a distance of ten meters from Pandel.

Made Tiasao. He has also finished Pujo's outfit in between the shootings. The actress has shared a picture in that outfit. However, in this film, he has captured the character of Shayama. It is understood that Tiyasa did this photoshoot in the space of Krishnakoli's shooting.

On the other hand, the actress has shared another video. There he was seen with long bob cut hair. She is wearing a red blazer and black top. The popular English song 'Play Date' is playing in the background. Netizens remember this hot western look Tiasa, but the netizens are confused about who his play date is.

Recently a video of Tiyasha went viral. He is seen there making a video with the lyrics. He has made a video with the Bengali song 'Dekhte Bar Bar but Ast Barbar'. Suban is also there. However, he is too old to play mobile games. He doesn't look at his wife's video.

This video also went viral on social media. Netizens are quite fond of Tiyasha's facial expressions. The sweet naughtiness between the two is also quite enjoyable. This video has been shared on Instagram on behalf of one of Tiyasha's fan pages.
However, some netizens are saying different things. Tiyasha is doing so much to prevent family unrest. According to news sources, the dispute between the two escalated a few days ago. Tiyasha also lodged a complaint against Suban at Gobardanga police station.

The actress complained that Suban could not accept her fame. He is suffering from Igor's problem. On the other hand, Suban complains that the girl is popular now so Tiyasha's mother wants to take her to her father's house. However, after the complaint of Subhasya Tiyasha, Subanai went to the police station and settled everything and brought her home.