Sweet daughter-in-law Madalsa in extreme hot avatar in red sari, backless blouse, viral video to the tune of Hindi song

BanglaHunt Desk: A few months ago, it was learned that Madalasa Sharma, daughter-in-law of actor Mithun Chakraborty, has started acting. She is the wife of the actor's eldest son Mimo. He has entered the world of acting through small screen. And Madalsa has risen to the page of Page Three by setting foot in the industry.

At the moment, he is playing the role of Kabbah in the Hindi serial 'Anupama'. The character has already won the hearts of serial lovers. The serial has only started a few days ago. In the meantime, the serial has reached the second place in terms of TRP.

Not only acting, Madalsa is also very popular on social media. No more or why! Whenever he gets a chance, he shares new pictures and videos on his Insta handle. Whether it's from the shooting floor or his own picture.

Madalsa recently shared another reel video. In a red sleeveless blouse and sari, she has made a video to the tune of the super hit Hindi song 'Shukran Allah'. It is understood that he made this video during the shooting of the serial. Needless to say, the video went viral as soon as it was shared.

Madalsa is playing the role of Anupama Kabadhya. A few days ago, he shared a reel video on his Insta handle. There he is seen in the same room with Banaraja. Watching the video, it is understood that a romantic scene will be shot between the two in the next episode.

Incidentally, in July 2016, Madalsa got married to Mithun's son Mimo. Growing up in a filmy family, he had a different tendency towards acting. Madalsa made its debut in 2009 with the Telugu film Fitting Master. He has also acted in Kannada, Tamil, German and a few Hindi films.

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