Sushant fell ill after Riya came, Riya was partying in the next room; The actor's bodyguard said

Banglahant Desk: Sushant Singh Rajput's (sushant singh rajput) death investigation is taking a turn. Almost every day a new information is coming to the fore. Mumbai Police is continuing its own investigation. On the other hand, after the FIR of Sushant's father, Bihar police has also started investigation.
Sushant's bodyguard has given a new information to the Bihar police in this case. In an interview with a news media, the actor's bodyguard has leaked some sensational information against Rhea Chakraborty. He said Sushant used to be sick most of the time and used to lie in his bedroom. On the other hand, his live-in partner Riya Chakraborty used to party in the next room, but the actor also spent money.

The actor's bodyguard said that not only Riya but also his father and brother used to take part in the party. In addition, his family's relationship with Sushant has been severed for the past few months. Sushant was not even allowed to meet them.
In the words of Bodyguard, “Sushant's life has changed in the last one year since Riya came. He used to stay in bed after taking medicine. However, I do not know about the overdose of drugs. When he returned from a trip to Europe last year, he was bedridden. But he was very active before. ”
The actor's bodyguard further said that Riya had replaced all his employees. Only he was left. Sushant's bodyguard wants the case to be settled quickly and the actor to get justice.
On the other hand, Sushant's sister Mitu said that several months ago, Sushant's house servant accused her of casting Riya Kala magic on Sushant. Not only that, the actor was also shown fear of ghosts, allegations have been made against Riya. Riya forced Sushant to leave the flat claiming that there were ghosts in her previous flat. It is learned that Riya Mao used to come to the flat on Charter Road with Sushant and Riya.



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