Surprise! The whole bus stand has been stolen! If you search, you will find a big prize

Bangla Hunt Desk: A strange case is coming up from Pune city of Maharashtra. An entire bus stand was stolen there. Yes, you heard right, bikes, bicycles, cars না the whole bus stand was stolen. We've heard a lot of big thefts so far, but this is probably the first time we've heard of such a thing.

Not only that, a reward of Rs 5,000 has also been announced for finding the stolen bus stand. And for this a banner has been put up in Pune city. An internet user shared a picture of that banner on Twitter. According to reports, the banner was hoisted by a local leader, Prashant Mohsin.

When the Marathi written on the poster was translated into Bengali, it turned out to be, ‘The bus stand in front of BT Kabre Devki Police Station has been stolen. If anyone knows anything about that bus stand, please get in touch. He will be given 5,000 rupees in cash. ” The people of the area are surprised to see this banner, everyone is wondering what is the real case?