Sudan is set to become a democracy, ending 30 years of Islamic rule

Bangla Hunt Desk: The Sudanese government has agreed to separate religions by ending 30 years of Islamic law in the North African state. The Prime Minister of Sudan Abdullah Hamdok and the leader of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement Abdul Aziz Al Hilu have signed a declaration. The two agreed in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, on Thursday and signed the declaration.

The declaration states that Sudan must be made a democracy, that the rights of every citizen must be guaranteed, and that the constitution must be based on the principle of separation of religion and state. In its absence the right to self-determination must be respected. The agreement ended less than a week after the government began a peace deal with rebel forces. The deal also dashed the hopes of ousted dictator Umar al-Bashir, who was ousted from Dafur and other parts of Sudan.

One of the two factions of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North has said it will not sign a declaration that does not guarantee a secular system. After Bashir seized power in 1989, Sudan joined international separatists. But since the removal of the dictator, Sudan has been slowly returning to the mainstream of life.

Al Qaeda and Carlos were based in Sudan during Bashir's rule. The United States declared Sudan a hotbed of terrorism in 1993 and imposed sanctions on the country in 2016. Let me tell you, a few months ago, female genital mutilation was banned in Sudan.

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