Successful scientists, 125-year-old seedlings were born from India's only double coconut tree; Learn its specialty

Attempts were made for several years, but to no avail. Eventually the botanists succeeded. In the botanical garden of Howrah district in India, the only 125-year-old female in India, a new seedling was born from a double coconaut tree.

Although the tree only bore two fruits a few months ago, botanists were uncertain about its future, considering its complex and incredible growth process. Currently, the fruits are planted in two wooden containers. Both are healthy and growing normally

Although the first irrigation of this tree was started in 2006, it was not successful. Botanists tried again in 2013. That fertilization has been successful.

During this fertilization process, botanists became concerned about the health of the plant as it stopped growing. The leaves also turn pale yellow. This is because the tree suffers from fungal attack. But now it is healthy.

Double coconut or cocoa-de-mer, is known for the largest and heaviest seed in the world. One fruit weighs 16 kg, the other weighs about 6 kg 500 g. It is an endangered species worldwide. Which made it very challenging to fertilize.