Sub-Inspector Intasar Ali has to be suspended in Uttar Pradesh for having a big beard

Bangla Hunt Desk: SI Intsar Ali, a sub-inspector posted at Ramala police station in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh, has been suspended for growing a large beard without permission. He has been suspended and sent to the police line. It is learned that the police commissioner told Inspector Intsar Ali to cut his beard three times. He was also asked to get permission from the police department to grow a beard, but over the past few months, he has been growing a beard in defiance of Inspector Intisar Ali's instructions.

Daroga Intasar Ali, a resident of Saharanpur, was recruited as a sub-inspector of Uttar Pradesh police and has been working in Bagpat district for the past three years. He was posted to Ramala police station before the lockdown. He came up with the practice of keeping a long beard in defiance of the laws of the police department.

SP Abhishek Singh said that the police manual is unjustified and no policeman or officer can wear a beard except a Sikh from the Sikh community when he is deployed in the police. If anyone wants to wear a beard, he has to get permission from the administration. But Inspector Intsar Ali had been growing his beard for a long time without permission. He did not follow the law of the police even after giving many explanations and notices. And for this reason action has been taken against the inspector.

SP Abhishek Singh

SI Intesar Ali said he has been trying to get permission to grow a beard since November 2019, but the police department has not yet given him permission to grow a beard.

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