Strict action may be taken against the MPs who misbehaved with the Speaker! The risk of suspension is high

Banglahant Desk: The Rajya Sabha Chairman is going to take a tough decision against the opposition members for abusing Deputy Speaker Harivansh Narayan in the Rajya Sabha on Sunday. On Monday, that is, today, the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs can present this proposal in the National Assembly under Section 256.

Chairman Venkaiah Naidu will take the final decision

In this regard, the Parliamentary Affairs Minister said that there was no need to make any special proposal to punish the protest of this injustice. According to sources, the Parliamentary Affairs Minister further said that the video footage of Ranks in the Rajya Sabha will be closely monitored. It will be clear from this video exactly what happened there. Chairman Venkaiah Naidu will take the final decision on the matter.

Rajnath Singh also condemned the Rajya Sabha incident

Speaking at a press conference, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that what happened during the Rajya Sabha meeting was very sad, embarrassing and unfortunate. But just as the dignity of Parliament has been tarnished, so too has the dignity of democracy been tarnished.

He further said that Harivansh Narayan is a believer in values. Such treatment of a Speaker of Parliament is not desirable at all. This is highly reprehensible. The Rajya Sabha that became heated over the two bills is historic. This will increase the income of farmers. But trying to confuse the farmers. On the contrary, it is not at all appropriate for him to climb on the Speaker's seat disrespecting the parliamentary dignity and dragging his rule book.

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