Strange thing! The rats have fallen into a coma after consuming cannabis

Bangla Hunt Desk: We all know more or less about cannabis. We also know how deadly its intoxication is. However, cannabis attracts not only people but also animals. And the aquatic example of that is a rat. The rat ate so much cannabis leaves that he eventually fell unconscious in the field.

This event is in Canada. There was a man who planted a cannabis plant in his house. And from there the leaves would be stolen every day. One day he saw a rat lying unconscious on his small cannabis farm. He realized that the rat had eaten so much marijuana that he could no longer take it, so he fainted. Let me tell you, Canadians can grow cannabis at home in a certain size.

A man named Colin posted on social media about this. He shared the photo and wrote, ‘For a few days, a rat was stealing marijuana leaves from his farm. But this time he did not take the leaves and fell unconscious after consuming cannabis on the ground.

The picture clearly shows the rat lying on the ground under a cannabis plant. And it is clear that he has no consciousness. Colin said the rat had been addicted to marijuana for a week. He grabbed the rat and left it a little away from home. But the rat became so addicted to marijuana that he moved there again.


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