Sourav Ganguly's tenure as ICC chairman has come to an end

Bangla Hunt Desk: A few days ago, the term of ICC Chairman (ICC Chairman) Sashank monohor (Sashank monohor) expired. The post of ICC chairman is currently vacant. After Shashank Manohar's term as ICC chairman expired, there was a lot of speculation in world cricket that BCCI president Sourav Ganguly would be the next ICC chairman. But all those speculations are practically over, with Sourav Ganguly no longer likely to be the ICC president.

The names for the ICC chairmanship have already been submitted. And there are only two people who have submitted their names. The two candidates who have applied for the post of ICC chairman are Imran Khoja of Singapore and Great Berkeley of New Zealand.

Sourav Ganguly will have to step down as BCCI president to become ICC chairman. That is why it is known that Sourav Ganguly did not show interest in becoming the ICC chairman. If Sourav Ganguly had wanted to, the ICC members would have elected him unopposed as ICC chairman. But Maharaj himself did not show interest because he now wants to serve the Indian Cricket Board.

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