Sonu Sood's biopic is going to be made, Sonu said the name of the hero himself

BanglaHunt Desk: In the lockdown, Sonu Sood appeared in the incarnation of 'Superman' for migrant workers and poor people. This Bollywood actor seems to have got acquainted with a completely new look during the lockdown. Sonu has run away from all those who wanted help in her tireless work.

Sonur did not finish the work even though the lockdown was over. He is still raising his hand in response to the prayer for help. Sonu is coming forward in all the activities to facilitate the study of the students and help the helpless patients. People are making the actor rich.

This time the demand for making a biopic of Sonu Sood has risen on social media. Rumors are circulating that Sonu's biopic is going to be made in Bollywood soon. This time the actor was asked a question by a news agency in that context. Which actor would he like to see in his biopic?

Sonu replied that he had already received several offers. But he has a condition. If he has to make a biopic, then he wants to act in his own biopic. The actor is said to have the ability to act in his own biopic. Besides, he can't think of any other actor in his character.

But now Sonu Sood is not thinking of making these biopics. He still has a lot of work to do. His work was not finished even after the lockdown. Still, the actor is running away if anyone wants help. So now there is no time to think about a biopic, said Sonu.

Although the lockdown is over, Sonu is still working to bring back migrant workers. On Saturday, a private airline reported on social media that Sonu had done this. This is not the end, Sonu has also arranged for the surgery of a person's mother.

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