Sonu Sood lost her parents at an early age and took care of three orphans

Banglahunt Desk: Sonu Sood is going through one human pattern after another. Sonu has somehow become their 'god' by reaching the homes of millions of migrant workers in the lockdown. He is still helping anyone who asks for help. This time Sonu has done a very humane job again. He has taken the responsibility of three orphans on his shoulders.
The father of the three children, a resident of Telangana's Yaddari Bhubaneswar district, died a year ago. It is learned that their mother had been ill for some time. He also gave up his last breath, eventually orphaning three children. In such a situation, the elder brother has taken the responsibility of the younger two brothers and sisters.

However, his age is very young. They wanted the help of Sonu Sud. One person shared a video of the plight of three children on Twitter and appealed to Sonu for help. Manohar, the eldest of three children, said he wanted to be a doctor. If someone like Sonu Sood helps them, they will survive.
Sonu was also upset to see the plight of small children. He immediately replied, ‘They are no longer orphans, I took care of them.’ Netizens are also getting richer thanks to Sonu’s move.

He recently announced a special initiative for migrant workers on the occasion of Sonu's birthday on July 30. Sonu announced 3 lakh jobs for the workers who lost their jobs in the lockdown.
Sonu Sood shared this special initiative on social media on the occasion of her birthday. He writes, ‘A small initiative on the occasion of my birthday. 3 lakh job opportunities from expatriate earning.com. These jobs offer good pay, PF, ESI and many other benefits. Thanks to AEPC, CITI, Trident, Amazon, Quesscorp, Sodex, Urban Co, Portea and other companies for their support. '



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