Sonu Sood comes forward with the help of helpless father

BanglaHunt Desk: In the lockdown, Sonu Sood appeared in the incarnation of 'Superman' for migrant workers and poor people. This Bollywood actor seems to have got acquainted with a completely new look during the lockdown. Sonu has run away from all those who have asked for help in their tireless work.

Sonur did not finish the work even though the lockdown was over. He is still raising his hand in response to the prayer for help. Sonu is coming forward in all the activities to facilitate the study of the students and help the helpless patients. People are making the actor rich.

This time Sonu has won the hearts of the people with her greatness. An old man was in danger with his sick four-month-old son due to lack of money. The actor himself arranged for the surgery of the child.

Four-month-old Advaita Shaurya is a resident of Telangana. Her father took her to the hospital because of a heart problem. According to the doctors, the surgery will have to be done by a small hero who needs Rs 6 lakh.

Advait's father works in a courier company. It is not possible for him to raise this amount of money. 40,000 was raised with the help of the villagers. At their suggestion, the man sought help from his son Sonu Sood on social media.

Seeing the tweet, the actor took action. Today, Advaita underwent surgery at a hospital in Hyderabad on Thursday. Sonu bears all the expenses herself. Not only Advaita, Sonu has also arranged surgery for another 2-month-old baby in Andhra Pradesh. The date of his surgery is November 19.

Sonu Sood was recently honored with the prestigious Special Humanitarian Action Award of the Department of Planning of the Government of Punjab for her philanthropic work. The award was given to the actor in a virtual ceremony.

Sonu was given this special honor for selflessly rescuing millions of stranded migrant workers in the Corona situation, arranging their buses, trains, arranging their meals, as well as arranging their work.


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