Sonu is fooling everyone by doing charity, the actor has a flat answer in the face of trolls

BanglaHunt Desk: Sonu Sood has become the 'Superman' of the people of the country in lockdown. But he still has to endure criticism as well as praise. For some time now, trolls have started on social media about Sonu. Sonu has been doing charity since the start of the lockdown in March. He wants to fool people into believing that. This is how propaganda is being spread against the actor.

However, the cause of these online trolls is not known. However, Sonu did not wear these on her body. Rather he has taken this propaganda quite lightly. In the words of the actor, “I have a database of 7,03,248 people. I have helped all of them. They have address, Aadhaar number and phone number. I don't want to brag, but I have. ”

The actor further said, if you do something good without trolling, everyone will be fine. Last August, a person tweeted to Sonu asking for help. “My father has been ill for a long time,” he wrote. She had an operation in January. In March, he developed gangrene on his right leg. I have so far spent Rs. 250,000 for his treatment. I have also taken a loan from a bank. We are poor people, help us. '

On September 11, Sonu wrote in direct reply to this tweet with good news, ‘Good luck. Your father's surgery was successful. I had a great start today. '

Sonu Sood appeared in the incarnation of 'Superman' for migrant workers and poor people in Lockdown. This actor seems to have been introduced to a whole new look during the lockdown. Sonu has run away from all those who have asked for help in their tireless work.

Sonur did not finish the work even though the lockdown was over. He is still raising his hand in response to the prayer for help. People are making the actor rich.

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