Sonam in a torn sari, in a viral film, says 'beggar' in a tumultuous troll netpara

Anil Kapoor's daughter Sonam Kapoor is one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood at the moment. From Delhi 6, Nirja has seen eye-catching performances in multiple movies. This time, after wearing a torn sari in the promotion of her photo, she became the victim of a lot of ridicule. Netizens also called him a 'beggar'.

Ripped jeans are very trendy at the moment Although many people call it ripped jeans. This trendy outfit is being worn by celebrities as well as Netparao at the moment. But Sonam took this fashion one step further. She appeared in a torn sari at the promotion of her photo.

Anil Kanya appeared in a new fashion outfit at a promotional event for 'Veer The Wedding'. The actress wore a powder blue denim sari with a white shirt, and the designer gave a 'ripped look' to the sari. Sonam fell in love with this fancy sari designed by Deeksha Khan.

Seeing this look of Sonam, Netpara got into a troll with her. Some even give Sonam a beggar badge. Again, many have mocked her as an old woman. Some people have also advised Sonam to wear sari properly You will be surprised to hear that the price of this sari is 36 to 45 thousand rupees.

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