Six young footballers killed in horrific bus accident, 30 seriously injured; The shadow of mourning in the world of football

Bangla Hunt Desk: A terrible bus accident took place in Ghana, a small country in Africa. And six talented footballers lost their lives in this horrible bus accident. The news has been confirmed by the Ghana Football Association. The Ghana Football Association said on its official website on Saturday that six footballers had been killed, all of whom were members of an age-based football team. Another 30 footballers were also injured. Each of them is currently in hospital with serious injuries.

It is learned that the bus along with the footballer lost control and fell into a river on the side of the road. After falling into the river, the bus remained stuck there for a long time due to inaccessibility and unfavorable conditions. That's why they stay there for a long time, which results in the death of these 6 young footballers.

It is learned that this horrific incident took place on Kumasi Road in Ashanti state of Ghana. Witnesses said the bus turned into a wreckage after falling into the river as the bus has not yet been fully recovered from there. Thus, the untimely demise of six young Ghanaian footballers has cast a shadow of mourning over Ghanaian football. The Ghana Football Association has already expressed its condolences to the families of the slain footballers.

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