Siraj's father died suddenly, but his son is not returning to the country

Bangla Hunt Desk: Mohammad Siraj has got a chance in the Indian team to tour Australia due to his good performance in the IPL. He has been called up for India's Test series against Australia. Siraj is currently in Australia with the Indian cricket team. In the meantime, an extremely sad news came for Siraj. This Indian cricketer is fatherless.

His father has made a huge contribution in Siraj's life, especially in cricket. He has helped Siraj to become a cricketer. Siraj's father is a driver, with a meager monthly income, but he never wavered in his dream of becoming a cricketer. The cricketer has made the boy with his last bit, he has seen the boy playing in the country jersey. He died at the age of 53. Siraj's relatives said that his father's death would create a deep void in Siraj's life which would never be filled.

Mohammad Siraj's father, who had been suffering from lung disease for a long time, finally died at the age of 53. However, the Hyderabadi fast bowler is not returning to the country after receiving the news of his father's death. As the Indian team is touring Australia at the moment despite the Corona situation, the Indian team will have to abide by various restrictions. That is why it is not possible for Mohammad Siraj to return to the country at this moment.