Show the door before showing the paper, said Mahua Maitra with Nadda in one hand

Bangla Hunt Desk: Preparations are in full swing for the forthcoming assembly elections in the state. BJP all-India president JP Nadda on Monday made a big statement on the Citizenship Amendment Act. He said CAA would be implemented in the state soon. On the other hand, the Trinamool Congress has counter-attacked him with this.

Trinamool (All India Trinamool Congress) MP Mahua Moitra tweeted and taunted JP Nadda on the issue. He tweeted, ‘JP Nadda says CAA will be implemented in the state soon. Listen, BJP, we will show you the door before we show you the paper. ”

On Monday, BJP all-India president JP Nadda attacked the Mamata government at a meeting in Siliguri. “Our policy is to develop everyone,” he said. JP Nadda says CAA will be implemented soon. This process has been delayed for a long time due to the Corona epidemic.

“You all get the benefits of CAA,” he said. The bill has been passed in both the houses of parliament a long time ago. There have been some problems with the implementation of this law due to the epidemic. But the situation is changing now, so this law will be implemented soon. The government is committed to enforcing this law.

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