Shanidev is always pleased with the special 3 zodiac sign, know the real reason behind it

BanglaHunt Desk: Shani Deb is considered evil in the world. However, it is wrong to say that Saturn is the god of misfortune. One of the deities of the traditional Hindu religion is Shanidev. He is the son of Suryadev and his wife Chhayadevi, hence he is also called 'Chhayaputra'. Shanidev, the god of death and justice.

Shanidev is the son of Suryadev and Mata Sanjna and the younger brother of daughter Jamdev and Jamuna Devi. Like other gods and goddesses, Shanidev has a vehicle. He used to ride on the back of which he used to walk around different places of the world. Shanidev's vehicle was a crow, like one of his friends.

Only the angry and difficult side of Saturn is always discussed. But did you know that the blessings of Saturn always exist on the people born in the special three zodiac signs. Shanidev is the lord of only 3 of the different signs. Find out about those three signs.

Aquarius- Aquarius people prefer to be alone most of the time. People of this zodiac sign are very thoughtful and pious. Although the people included in this zodiac sign are generally of good nature, on their return to the planet they also become cruel in nature. However, people born in this zodiac sign have better business fortunes than jobs. Saturn being the ruler of the people of this zodiac sign, although they suffered a lot in the first life, they are entitled to great happiness in the next life.

Capricorn- Capricorn people are very affectionate and because they are in harmony with everyone, they feel more comfortable and consider honesty as the capital of life and try to move forward in life in an honest way. They are more interested in luxuries. Being ambitious, all these people are able to work hard to earn money. Speaking less, the way people of this sign speak is intelligent and sharp. Although their number of friends is low, they are interested in air travel.

Cotton- Of the three special signs, Libra is the favorite of Saturn. The natives of this zodiac sign are very clear in their minds. That is why the blessings of Saturn always prevail over the people born under this sign. If the natives of this zodiac sign recite Shani Challisa every Saturday as a rule, they will always be blessed with the affection of Shani.


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