Self-reliant India; An Indian youth made a wooden bicycle and put it on the shelf

BanglaHunt Desk: Corona Lockdown has placed us under house arrest for several months. In recent months, many people have lost their jobs and committed suicide. But there are also people who have used this leisure time to do various innovative things. Dhaniram Saggu is such a person.

Dhaniram is a resident of Zirakpur, a small town in Punjab. He was a carpenter by profession before the lockdown began. He also lost his job like others in the lockdown. But he did not break down. The days of unemployment have been put to good use in creativity. Sitting at home, he made a wooden bicycle, which is now being praised abroad beyond the borders of the country.

After losing his job, Dhaniram wanted to make an eco-friendly bicycle as much as possible. Although bicycles are environmentally friendly vehicles, they are used in the manufacture of bicycles, such as iron, paint, tires, which are harmful to the environment. Dhaniram has tried to reduce that use as much as possible.

Dhaniram got down to his new job with an old bicycle and a piece of wood from home. However, success did not come to Dhaniram at once. But he was not disappointed In the end he made a wooden bicycle. Although the wheels of this bike are like ordinary wheels. Yet it is much more eco-friendly than ordinary bicycles.

It is known that he is selling one bicycle for 15 thousand rupees. These bicycle shots have become very popular. Even orders are coming from abroad beyond the borders of the country.


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