School will be closed until November 30! Find out what the center said

Recently, a notice regarding closure of school in Netpara went viral. The notice said all schools in the country would remain closed till November 30. The notice further said that the directive has been issued under Section 10 (2) (1) of the Disaster Response Act, 2005. Let's not know what the Press Information Bureau is saying about this.

The Press Information Bureau said the notice was completely false The government allowed the school to open in September, which is valid until November 2020.

Unlock 7 was supposed to be announced in November, but it has been postponed for now. The Central Government has informed that all the instructions of Unlock 5 will be issued till the end of November.

Incidentally, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had promised to open the school from September 21 in the interest of students in classes IX to XII. At the same time, several new rules have been issued to comply with social distance rules in schools. Learn these new rules

1. Thermal songs should be compulsorily placed at the main entrance of every school. Teachers, educators and students can be allowed to enter the school premises only after checking their body temperature

2. Everyone must use a mask or cloth cover.

3. It has been instructed to sanitize the whole school including classroom, library, laboratory before opening the school.

4. All the schools that had quarantine centers must be thoroughly cleaned.

5. School attendance will never be more than 50 percent. Online reading will also continue.

. Students who wish to attend school must bring a letter of permission signed by their parents

. The school mess or canteen will be closed. The practice of any sport or group culture is prohibited.

. Areas that are frequently touched (stair railings, benches, chairs, tables, desks, water taps in toilets, etc.) must be regularly sanitized.

9. Computers, laptops, printers used in schools also need to be cleaned regularly with a mixture containing 80% alcohol.

10. Masks, tissues used by teachers, students and others should be kept in separate bins for disposal. They have to be disposed of as coarse waste

11. Students cannot be used to clean the school.

12. If mental depression occurs, students and teachers should be counseled.

13. The school vehicles used by the students should be cleaned and sanitized regularly

14. If someone has covid symptoms during school, action should be taken immediately.

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