Saurabh, who appeared after Punjabi on the morning of Ashtami in his own neighborhood, did not give Anjali

If there is no game, Saurabh (saurabh ganguly) loves to spend a few days in his neighborhood. This time too it did not happen otherwise. The BCCI president came home during the IPL in Maru town. And like every year, this year also the Maharaja appeared in the puja mandapa of his neighborhood.

From one of India's most successful captains, God of Offside, successful commentator to president of the BCCI, no matter what, Pujo Saurabh is a homely boy. Today, on the eighth day, Maharaj was seen in Akashi Punjabi in the morning at the Pujo of Behala Players Corner.

Sourav was found in the neighborhood club in a very familiar mood. Although he did not pay homage, he froze and chatted. He also saw Sandhipujo.

He had to stay in exile to play in his playing life. However, it is not unknown that the Maharaja loves to spend his time with the family and the people of the neighborhood. Even though he is world famous, he is a Bengali from the bottom of his heart, so Saurabh can't think of leaving Kolkata for a few days of Pujo and staying elsewhere.

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