Sangeeta was falsely slandered for having a relationship with Jackie, then Salman himself deceived her!

BanglaHunt Desk: Salman Khan, better known in Bollywood as 'Vaijaan'. It is said that no one returned to him empty-handed.
Salmon is so kind that even if someone in the industry is in danger, he extends a helping hand to ordinary people. He is literally a man with a golden heart.
However, all coins have a unique back. There is also a bad side to Salman's character. Or he can't easily forget anything. No matter how old the insult is, at some point or another he will take revenge.

In his long acting life, Salman has been in a relationship with many stars. Among them, popular actress Sangeeta Bijlani is unique. Vaijan had a great love for music. He fell in love with the actress after seeing her for the first time at a party. The relationship was going well. But except for the actor's suspicions. Salmon had the idea that Sangeeta was in a relationship with Jackie Shroff, one of the biggest hits of the time.

Rumors were heard that Sangeeta was really involved with Jackie. That was enough to fuel Salman's anger. It is heard that from then on, he stopped talking to Jackie and stopped acting together. It's also about Salmon's music.
It is learned that Salman's marriage with Sangeetha was also arranged. But the music moved away. Because Salman was already involved with Somi Ali. After their separation, the nephew started falling in love with Somi. But that love did not last. Then Salman's relationship with Aishwarya. Everyone knows what happened after that.



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