Salute! The mother giraffe fought against the cheetah for the child; Violent viral video

viral video: In the current age of social media, thousands of videos go viral every day. Just as some videos make us happy, some videos make us think. Recently, a video of a mother fighting in Netpara has gone viral, which will make you cringe at this mother.

Mother, the most sacred word in the world. The mother fights from before the birth of the child to the last breath of life. Even if he has to face death in his own life, he does not think twice.

But the mother does not allow the child to scratch at all. Recently, Netpara saw another mother fighting like this. The giraffe mother fought with the cheetah for her child, risking her life.

Sushant Nanda, an Indian forest official known for posting various incidents of wild animals, posted this video of a mother giraffe rescuing a baby from predators.

The 33-second video shows a mother giraffe walking around with her baby. At that time several cheetahs surrounded them. Not being afraid for even a second, he proceeded to frighten the cheetahs.

Seeing his behavior, it does not seem that the giraffe is afraid of the cheetah. For a mother, the thought of losing her child is perhaps more frightening than the expectation of losing her own life.

The video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. So far 9000 net people have watched this video. Liked 1000.

The comment box is overflowing with praise for mother giraffe. One netizen wrote that there is no greater power in this world than mother Check out the viral video

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