Sad news for passengers! Indian Railways will take extra money as user charge

Indian Railways is increasing roundabout fares. From now on, user charges will have to be counted in the case of railways as well as aircraft. It is learned that the user charges will have to be counted in return for the improved passenger comfort provided by the railways on various platforms of Indian Railways. As a result, ticket prices will increase normally.

According to railway sources, Indian Railways will impose only 10 to 15 per cent increased user charges on 6,000 stations in India. The number of passengers will increase exponentially in the next few years. With that in mind, the railways have decided to increase passenger comfort. That is why it has been decided to charge this user However, many believe that the increase in train fares could go against the Modi government.

Earlier, it was learned that the Modi government was going to sell its central stake in the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). This is what the popular news medium CNBC Awaaz is saying.
Shares of IRCTC will be sold through OFS. The disinvestment department has already called for bids from merchant bankers to buy the shares. The pre-bid meeting will be held on September 3.

Incidentally, IRCTC is a subsidiary of Indian Railways. Indian Railways tickets are booked with the help of this corporation. The company also operates several private trains. IRCTC entered the stock market in October 2019. Shares of the company closed at Tk 1,383 on Wednesday. IRCTC is one of the busiest websites in Asia-Pacific. Through this 2.5-2.7 crore tickets are sold every month. 6 crore logins are made on its website every day.


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