Rugby tournament canceled in Dubai due to Corona; BCCI has problems with organizing IPL

Corona virus infection in India is increasing rapidly day by day. And that is why the IPL will not be held on Indian soil this year. This year IPL will be held in UAE. Already, the BCCI and the Emirates Cricket Board have made all the plans to host the IPL in a joint venture.

However, even though the IPL is on the ground of Amir Shahi, the panic is not leaving it behind in the IPL. BCCI officials are not able to sit idly by even after planning to host the IPL in the desert. Tournaments like the World Rugby Seven to be held in Dubai have been canceled this year due to Corona. That is why the panic has increased.

However, in case of organizing the IPL, all the safety rules will be followed, said the officials of the Amir Shahi Cricket Board. They said they have already come up with a plan for the IPL. They will create safety belts in the tournament keeping in mind the health of cricket and all the people associated with cricket. And the cricketers will play IPL in that safety zone. However, the BCCI is still awaiting permission from the central government to host the IPL.


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